Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

Engaging with children to strengthen sustainable tourism strategies that prevent child sexual exploitation

by ECPAT International in 2023

This resource is intended for governments, businesses and civil society organisations who are working on sustainable tourism and child rights.

The briefing paper provides those working in the tourism sector with an overview of:

  • What child sexual exploitation is
  • Why preventing and responding to child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism is important
  • How collaborating with civil society organisations working with children can help tourism authorities and businesses understand children’s perspectives on tourism
  • What governments and businesses need to think about when planning to hear from children.

The toolkit is designed for civil society organisations who may wish to:

  • Engage children in activities to explore the impact of tourism in the local community
  • Plan and undertake actions to inform and influence the tourism industry

Available in: English, Spanish