Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

We can ensure children live a childhood free from sexual abuse and exploitation

How is ECPAT international keeping children safe?

Every year, millions of children around the world are affected by sexual abuse and exploitation offline and online. Between 1% and 20% of children in each of the 12 countries we researched in 2021 experienced at least one form of clear online sexual exploitation and abuse — this means that in The Philippines alone, an estimated 20,000 children across the country have been affected – ECPAT Disrupting Harm

Children’s rights are at the heart of our mission!

Alongside our local members and partners, we work to improve national and international legislation and policies, engage with governments, civil society organisations, and the private sector to ensure child safety offline and online. We speak with the general public, including children themselves, by sharing information, knowledge, creating opportunities to learn  about the issue of child sexual abuse and the part we can all play to prevent and end these crimes. Our research remains widely cited by academia, law enforcement agencies, child-right’s NGOs, and frontline workers. 


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We are aware that protecting children takes a whole society. From the individual efforts and changes, such as reporting any suspicious activity, to providing free expert training to frontline workers, to lobbying governments to close loopholes that leave children vulnerable we firmly believe that by joining forces we can end this global, borderless, crime. 


A global effort to end the sexual exploitation and abuse of children 

Our mission is global. From national NGOs to grassroots organisations, we work across the globe with network members over 104 countries. They provide a whole range of targeted projectsthat ultimately aim to empower children., provide the necessary child support services, engage in research to ensure that experts are aware of the scale and local context of child sexual abuse, and share that knowledge with local communities and leaders.    

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“Being a survivor is about learning to cope. I’m a survivor because I’m still here. It is hard to be a survivor. I put so much effort into it and people. You need to have some sort of passion in life. I have a passion to live.”

– Ally, survivor

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Speak Up

If you witnessed a crime being committed against a child, your first priority (where possible) should be to contact the local police. If you can’t or won’t report to local law enforcement you can also report suspected child sex offences via our partner website Don’t Look Away.

If you believe you have seen a child being sexually abused online, please contact the police or go to the website of our partner organization INHOPE to find out the best avenue for reporting the material to the appropriate national authorities. Report it now.

“In this pandemic period, I am having a very difficult time but I hope to continue with a tiny contribution that may help to make a change altogether.”

– Monthly donor, Name Withheld

“We are strongly opposed to child abuse. I feel personally offended because of the existence of child abuse, knowing that males also from my own country, travel towards the east for child abuse. I find it horrible.”

– One time donor, Anonymous

Join in to end the sexual exploitation and abuse of children 

Your support and donations help us, ECPAT International Secretariat, to continue coordinating our ECPAT members, the other civil societies, our partners, and international organisations globally to end the sexual exploitation of children.We are incredibly grateful for the support – financial and philanthropic – we receive from governments, foundations, and importantly from Individuals such as yourselves. This ensures that we remain independent and true to our mission to end child sexual abuse and exploitation worldwide. 

Your support will help our work and effort to address the elimination of sexual exploitation of children globally. By choosing to support ECPAT, you are choosing to become an ally with children across the world.  

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