Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

Board & Staff

We coordinate research, advocacy and action to end the sexual exploitation of children.

Board Members

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio
Yi-Ling Chen
Network of members/CSO’s Expert
Timothy Ekesa
International Projects & Programmes Management Expert
Carrie van der Kroon
Legal and Governance Expert
Michel Rioux
Finance Expert


Guillaume Landry
Executive Director
Erwin Mom
Director Operations
Dorine van der Keur
Interim Director of Network Development
Sendrine Constant
Director of Research and Learning
Martha le Grand
Executive Assistant
Lina Qumsiyeh Andoni
Grants Reporting Manager
Daniel Mulati
Head of Child Participation
Andrea Varrella
Research and Child Rights Monitoring Manager
Zahra Beg
Research Associate
Matteo Russo
Legal Research Associate
Karina Violeta Padilla Malca
Research and Learning Officer
Tatyana Gribanova
Research Intern
Francesca Donelli
Research Intern
Rhea Goyal
Legal Research Intern
Noeleen Advani
Global Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Lead
Francesco Cecon
Head of Global Boys Initiative
Pietro Piraccini
Global Boys Initiative Associate
Andrew Beaton
Head of Advocacy, Campaigns, and Communications
Manida (Bey) Naebklang
Design Associate
Natasha D’Cruz
Communications Associate
Martina Fontana
EU Communications Associate
Julie Fuchs
EU Policy and Projects Associate
Amy Crocker
Head of Child Protection and Technology
Gabriela Kühn
Head of Programme Child Protection in Travel and Tourism
Adriana Hidalgo Flores
Private Sector Engagement Manager
Willy M. Buloso
Regional Coordinator for Africa
Isaline Wittorski
Regional Coordinator EU
Stana Buchowska
Regional Coordinator for Eastern Europe & Central Asia
Shrinkhala Thapa
Regional Coordinator for South Asia
Fabio González Flórez
Regional Coordinator for the Americas
Kohnwilai (Koi) Teppunkoonngam
Regional Coordinator for East and Southeast Asia
Hassan Tabikh
Regional Coordinator for Middle East and North Africa
Aimon (Aim) Amornsupasiri
Finance Officer
Suphannee (Nee) Charatmanachot
Paul Ware
Human Resources Manager
Anocha (Jane) Chuenwanta
Human Resource and Administrative Officer
Thavinee (Tha) Wongphakdee
Administrative Associate
Thitima Suthisak (Jeab)
Finance and Administrative Associate
Jiraporn (Panom) Janthawongsa
Custodial Staff