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ECPAT Indonesia is a national network against CSEC, with over 20 organisations working together in more than 10 provinces in Indonesia. ECPAT Indonesia is committed to strengthening national actions in an effort to prevent and eradicate CSEC in Indonesia by collaborating with key stakeholders, such as civil society organisations, academia, government agencies, private sector, international agencies and other relevant sectors. Its presence is to ensure all elements of society and the government made serious steps in dealing with this crime.

ECPAT Indonesia

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According to UNICEF’s 2014 Annual Report, one in six girls are married before their 18th birthday in Indonesia.

In 2014, the Indonesian Child Protection Law (No. 23/2002) was amended. Article 15 asserts that every child has the right to be protected from sexual crimes.


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Year: 2022

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Indonesia – Legal Checklist: Key Legal Interventions to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism

Year: 2021

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News from Indonesia


Age of Consent


Age of sexual consent is 15 years. The national legislation does not provide for a close-in-age exemption.

DH Legal Analysis Indonesia, 2020

Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active extraterritoriality is recognized for all crimes but requires double criminality. Extraterritoriality extends to crimes committed through ICTs abroad if the offence has legal effect within and/or outside of Indonesia and is detrimental to the interests of Indonesia.

Extradition does not apply to all SEC related offences and requires double criminality. Extradition may be refused if the offence was partially or completely committed within Indonesia’s territory.

DH Legal Analysis Indonesia, 2020

CSAM Definition


The national legislation provides a definition which is in line with international standards. The definition provided explicitly covers visual, audio and written material, criminalises material depicting a person appearing to be a minor and it possibly criminalises computer/digitally generated CSAM, including realistic images of non-existing children.

DH Legal Analysis Indonesia, 2020

Background Check Required


There are no mandatory legal provisions for criminal background checks.
Indonesian law does not explicitly prohibit convicted sex offenders to hold positions involving or facilitating contact with children but contains a generic provision that allows the deprivation of the right to be a legal manager or a counsellor and to be a guardian, co-guardian, curator or curator over other children as well as his or her own

DH Legal Analysis Indonesia, 2020

National Commitments


Indonesia has ratified the CRC, the OPSC, the Trafficking Protocol and the ILO Convention No. 182.

Indonesia is also the first signatory of the UNWTO Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics

Indonesia has not ratified the OPIC and the Council of Europe’s Lanzarote and Budapest Conventions.

DH Legal Analysis Indonesia, 2020

Child Advocacy Centers

Not Yet Assessed

SEC Police Unit


There are several units including SEC in their mandate: most SEC cases are handled by the Women and Children Protection units and OCSE cases fall under the jurisdiction of provincial police, at cybercrimes units which are reportedly not specifically prepared to handle cases involving children. No information has been found on whether these units are fully functional and whether both offences under national and extra-territorial jurisdiction are able to be addressed by it.

DH Desk-based Research Indonesia, Jun-20

Protection Standards Travel and Tourism


There are no child protection standards for the travel and tourism industry in place but some special laws could be applicable in this regard.

SECTT Legal Checklist ASEAN, 2020

Public SEC Case Data


There is available case data on offences related to child sexual abuse material from the Cybercrime Directorate although it is unclear whether this data is made available on a regular basis. Data is not disaggregated. It is unclear whether data on other SEC-related crimes is available or whether it contains information on offenders and on compensation sought by victims.

DH Desk-based Research Indonesia, 2020