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Azerbaijan Children Union (ACU)

Azerbaijan Children Union (ACU)

Contact: Kamala Agazade, ACU Director
Phone: +99412 511 34 09
Address: AZ1096, S.Mirzayev street, 40/2-4, Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic


Azerbaijan is a destination country for those trafficked for sex and labour, victims’ nationalities include Turkish, Uzbekistani, Turkmenistani and Ukrainian. Azeri women and children are trafficked for sexual purposes within the country’s borders as well as in Turkey, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2011, Azerbaijan changed the legal age of marriage for girls from 17 to 18 years old, however, when authorised by a local executive power this age can be reduced by one year. In 2014, 11% of women aged 20-24 had been married by the age of 18 and 2% by the age of 15.

Azeri law prohibits the exploitation of children in prostitution. A Baku NGO has reported that street children still remain particularly vulnerable to this type of exploitation.


ECPAT International
Regional Overview: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Year: 2014

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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active extraterritoriality is provided over Azerbaijani nationals who commit a crime outside Azerbaijan if they are not prosecuted in the State where the crime was committed. Passive extraterritoriality is provided over foreigners and stateless persons who commit a crime against Azerbaijani citizens. Universal jurisdiction is provided over a range of offences, but it does not include SEC related offences. Double criminality is not required.

Azerbaijan nationals may not be extradited to a foreign state under any circumstances and extradition is governed by the principles of double criminality and of severity of the punishment. There is no specific provision of SEC related offences.

Criminal Code Code of Criminal Procedure Law on Extradition Constitution, 2015, 2000, 2001, 1995 (modified 2016)

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