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Together, Creating a Better Internet for Children

Safer Internet Day 2024

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The internet offers children with unprecedented opportunities for learning, connection, and creativity. Yet, within the internet lies the potential danger of its misuse for horrific child sexual abuse and exploitation purposes. 

Data shows a disturbing reality: every two seconds, one image or video of child sexual abuse material is shared online. We must put an end to this crime, and we must remember… Behind these materials are real children. We cannot allow ourselves to leave them behind.  

What is Safer Internet Day? 

Safer Internet Day (SID) is a yearly event that brings together individuals and organisations around the world to promote a safer and better internet, with a focus on positive opportunities for children and young people.  

Learn more about Safer Internet Day History and Past Editions  

Under the theme “Together for a better internet,” each of us is called on to play a role by ensuring every child is protected, empowered, and respected in the online world. 

At the heart of the 2024 Safer Internet Day lies the new European strategy for a better internet for kids (BIK+), a roadmap for child safety online adopted in May 2022. This strategy is more than a set of rules; it’s a workplan explaining how to digitally protect, respect, and empower children.  

Governments, teachers, parents, tech platforms, children and young people are all key players in this digital transformation.  

Think of the process of safeguarding children online like navigating a ship through uncharted waters. Just as a captain oversees a ship’s route, take decisions, and conducts thorough safety checks before setting sail, decision-makers lead the way toward a safer internet for children. 

In this scenario, the role of tech platforms is similar to the role of the ship’s crew performing routine maintenance and upgrades, detecting system failures, and addressing potential issues before embarking on a risky journey.

Imagine teachers, parents, and social workers as the crew on board, equipping children with the digital literacy tools for a safe and comfortable online expedition. 

Just as a ship’s crew ensures a safe journey in uncharted waters, open collaboration among all actors involved is the winning formula for a safer online world.

As we jump on board for Safer Internet Day 2024, let’s embrace our crucial roles to Safeguard Children Online.

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Have you ever wondered how can you make a difference in a child’s life and prevent child sexual abuse online before it happens?

Explore our Prevention Campaign to discover What Can You Do to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Online? and choose your tool to fight against this global crime!  

By understanding how the online world works, subscribing for child protection trainings, and listening to children’s experiences, ECPAT provides easy steps on how to keep children safe online.  

Join us – It’s time to break the silence! 


Discover the topic of Child Safety Online with ECPAT’s comprehensive research resources. Explore the latest findings to increase your understanding and effectively combat child sexual abuse online: 


If you believe you have witnessed or experienced a potential case of child sexual abuse and exploitation online, there are various sites where you can submit a report and seek help.

The Safer Internet Centre helpline in EU member states and Child Helpline International offer helpline support across the entire world. Organizations such as INHOPE and The Internet Watch Foundation provide easy to access portals where you can report and seek help online.   

Whether in doubt, always remember to report actual or potential crimes to the police in your country.

Your reporting can make a significant impact in the life of a child. 


Are you curious to learn about what we are doing across the world to protect children from sexual abuse online?   

  • In South East Asia, ECPAT International is a key player in supporting the implementation of the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action which includes activities to contrast child sexual abuse online in the region.  
  • In Latin America, country-specific initiatives are underway. In Peru, ECPAT member Peruvian Network against CSEC is focusing on promoting financial sector responsibility to tackle child sexual exploitation. In Costa Rica, we are supporting our member Paniamor to develop its groundbreaking corporate social responsibility programme with codigo e-mentores.
  • In Africa, ECPAT International and partners are conducting research on online child sexual exploitation in Cote d’Ivoire, Niger, Burkina Faso, and Guinea.
  • In the European Union, we are advocating for laws to prevent and combat child sexual abuse online. Learn more and support us in our mission!
On an ongoing basis, ECPAT International work with ECPAT members across the world to identify priorities, new trends, and potential collaboration to help prevent and respond to child sexual exploitation facilitated by technology. 
ECPAT and ECPAT members across the world are united in their mission to protect children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. 

For #SaferInternetDay, Stand with ECPAT in creating a Better Internet for Children!