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Members Spotlight: Fundación PANIAMOR – ECPAT Costa Rica

Ensuring children’s safety online while working with the private sector in Costa Rica

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Protecting children from online child sexual exploitation in Costa Rica 

Last year, Fundación Paniamor worked to implement the Código e-mentores initiative, collaborating with major Internet providers present in the country as well as private-sector companies, including IBM and Microsoft, to prevent the online abuse and sexual exploitation of children in Costa Rica.   

The Código e-mentores is a code of conduct that enables online service providers and tech companies to develop self-monitoring tools to detect, remove, and report child sexual abuse materials and crimes that happen online. Currently, Fundación Paniamor is focusing on developing a guide of protocols to be applied by each tech company to ensure child safety online. Learn more about Código e-mentores initiative – watch the interview to Oscar Valverde, Executive Director at Fundaciòn Paniamor (ESP)  

Despite the great success the initiative is obtaining in the country, financial challenges remain a big obstacle for the organization to ensure long-lasting and effective impacts in Costa Rica’s society. Click here to find out how you can support this initiative. 

What is Conectate Seguro? And how are they teaching children how to spot the signs of sexual exploitation and abuse? 

In alliance with TIGO Costa Rica and Fundación Real Madrid, Fundaciòn Paniamor launched Conectate Seguro project, aimed at informing children and young people about the threats and preventive measures to protect themselves from child sexual abuse and violence.   

Seventy-two children between ages 5 and 18 years from vulnerable areas in the country took part in the project. Participants attended training workshops on online safety and responsible platforms devices usage. The project has been incredibly successful and was also proposed for the public school system, where more than 650 participants were able to attend a session.   

Learn more about Contacto Seguro. Listen directly to the voices of child participants. 

Safer Internet Day: Towards ending online child sexual exploitation in Costa Rica  

On February 8th 2022, on International Safer Internet Day, Código e-mentores organisations and Fundación Paniamor organized the webinar “Symbolic violence on social media and its contribution to the reinforcement of male domination relations” in alliance with MICITT, IMAS and Infocom.  

Watch the webinar: Machismo en RRSS 

Click to explore Fundaciòn Paniamor’s full list of webinars and learn more about online child sexual exploitation in Costa Rica. 

About the organization 

Fundación PANIAMOR based in Costa Rica works to end violence against children raise awareness about the importance of children’s rights in the country. Fundación PANIAMOR works together with other local organisations to develop relevant, effective, and evidence-based models to be adopted as good practices by the State of Costa Rica. The organisation’s aim is to strengthen the country’s capacity to respond to violence and exclusion prevalent in the lives of children in Costa Rica. 

Click here to learn more about ECPAT Costa Rica, our research in the region, and how they work to make the lives of children free from child sexual exploitation and abuse.