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Empowering children around the world

Learn how ECPAT and our members are impacting the lives of children—directly from them

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Around the world, ECPAT’s 122 members have been working with children to provide support services, mentorship training, and capacity building programs to empower them and build their confidence.
We spoke to some of these children to learn about their experiences. These are some of their stories:

“ECPAT trained me on how to speak in front of many people, and how to be a youth advocate, how to become the voice of children like me. And because of that, I became a youth ambassador.”

Youth, ECPAT Philippines


“ACD trained me on self-defense karate training. It makes me more confident and I believe I will be able to protect myself from sexual harassment.”

Youth, Association for Community Development


“After ISIS kidnapped my sister, I lost confidence and was constantly afraid of strangers. I didn’t like to make friends at school. Jiyan Foundation helped me and my family cope with this difficult situation, and now I feel better.” 

Youth, Jiyan Foundation


“ECPAT supported us and developed our capacities, and provided us with opportunities to engage in various events/platforms so that we have a chance to give our voices and opinions to help protect children from sexual exploitation.” 

Youth, ECPAT Thailand

These are but just a few of the voices of children.
Learn more about ECPAT’s projects and initiatives that aim to centre the voices and experiences of children who have been subjected to sexual exploitation: