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ECPAT’s Ramadan Series: Bangladesh

This Ramadan, help ECPAT protect children from trafficking and early and forced marriages

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Children in Bangladesh are highly affected by trafficking within the country, as trafficking is considered one of the major issues for Bangladesh [1]. Despite the country’s government does not register all cases of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, still 2,860 cases of human trafficking were identified by the government and civil society organizations in 2018 [2].
Child sexual exploitation is widespread in Bangladesh and it is interlinked with child trafficking.

As mentioned in our article on India, the trafficking of children is linked to high levels of poverty and lack of access to facilities and services. Bangladesh is the country with the highest rate of children trafficked for marriage and sexual purposes in the world predominantely, the most affected being girls under the age of 15 [3]. Approximately 300,000 Bangladeshi children and women between the age group of 12 – 30 were trafficked to India alone in the last ten years [1]. In 2020, it has been estimated that thousands of Bangladeshis have been trafficked, and Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee crisis in Cox’s Bazar has further exacerbated the risks of human trafficking in Bangladesh. 

Gender norms play a high role in child trafficking and most of the attention and research around child trafficking is given to girls.

While it is extremely important to observe that the numbers show that girls are the most affected by child trafficking, it is also true that human trafficking is challenging to monitor and much data is lost or unavailable. In this situation, child trafficking in relation to boys is an even more difficult issue to track, however it is still very common when it comes to child trafficking for labour and for child sexual exploitation purposes [5].  

Cooperation is key in the elimination of the worst forms of child trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, both online and offline. Across the region, there is an urgent need to harmonise and enforce legal and policy frameworks to effectively prevent these crimes [6].  

Support the work of ECPAT local members in Bangladesh to end child trafficking and child sexual exploitation in the region. 

 This Ramadan, support our mission to protect all children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

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