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Children are entitled to a childhood free from exploitation, abuse, and neglect. That is why we continue to call for governments and those in power to ensure that their rights are being upheld. As the world’s largest influencing dedicated to ending the sexual exploitation of children, with organisations in over 104 countries, our members span the globe and work tirelessly to protect children from child sexual abuse. 

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During holiday season, society’s focus tends to shift towards celebrations. Interest in spotting and reporting exploitative behaviours wanes and this can be particularly challenging for children who are victims of child sexual exploitation and abuse, as they are forced to stay in close contact with their abusers.  

Thank you to everyone who supported our projects and campaigns last year through making a donation, sharing our mission, and speaking up against child sexual abuse crimes among holidays and private celebrations. In 2021-2022, ECPAT’s online supporters were more than 140. 

Your contribution really helped us make a difference. 

“ECPAT supported us and provided us with opportunities to engage in events, so that we have a chance to give our voices and share our opinions.” 

Youth, ECPAT Thailand 

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