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Tashkent Social Information Centre “Istiqbolli Avlod” was registered as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation by Tashkent Justice Department on May 16, 2001. The Mission of “Istiqbolli Avlod” is assistance in improving the life quality of citizens, protection of their rights and interests by implementing informational, social, socio-economic, educational and health-improving programs in society.

Tashkent Social Information Center “Istiqbolli Avlod”

Contact: Nodira Karimova, Director
Phone: +998 71 254 1287
Address: 22, 4th passage, Katta Mirobod Street Tashkent, 100015, Uzbekistan
Email: iatashkent2014@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ia.uz/


Around one third of Uzbekistan’s population is under 18 years of age. Seven percent of children are married before they turn 18.

Children from Uzbekistan are subjected to trafficking for sexual purposes internally and abroad, mainly in the Middle East, Eurasia and Asia.


ECPAT International
Regional Overview: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Year: 2014



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