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Over 30 years ago, PACT – Protect All Children from Trafficking (formerly ECPAT-USA) became the first U.S.-based nonprofit to work on the issue of commercial sexual exploitation of children. We began with advocacy around stopping sex tourism, helping to get legislation passed that ensured that Americans who traveled abroad to buy sex with minors could be prosecuted in the US for sexually exploiting children in other countries. Today, PACT’s mission is to protect the right of every child to grow up free from sexual exploitation and trafficking in the United States. To this end, PACT focuses on youth and community education, private sector engagement and legislative advocacy to educate and raise awareness of this issue. PACT is proud to be the US member of ECPAT International.

PACT – Protect All Children from Trafficking

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The United States is a primary destination country for children trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation.

Victims originate from almost every region of the world, especially Latin America and South East Asia.

The United States hosts a large number of websites containing child sexual abuse and exploitation material. Federal law on ‘child pornography’ prohibits the production, distribution, reception and possession of child sexual abuse and exploitation images.


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Active extraterritoriality is only applicable to certain SEC related offences (sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism, child sex trafficking) and passive extraterritoriality is not recognized for any criminal offence. Double criminality is not required the abovementioned extraterritoriality provisions, however, it is required for extradition.

US Code Title 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, 1926 (status as of 2023)

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