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Empowering Children Foundation is a non-governmental organisation working towards protecting children from abuse and providing help for abused children, their families and their caregivers. The facilities run by the Foundation offer psychological, medical, and legal help to victims of abuse and their caregivers. Empowering Children Foundation acts for the improvement of the situation of children participating in legal procedures as witnesses.

Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody’s Children Foundation)

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Address: Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody’s Children Foundation) ul. Katowicka, 31, 03-932 Warsaw, Poland


Poland ratified the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse in 2015.

Poland is a source, transit and destination country for children subjected to trafficking for sexual purposes. Children from Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine are subjected to trafficking in Poland, while Polish children are trafficked within the country’s borders and in other European countries.

In 2015, the Polish government allocated 135,000 zloty for the implementation of tasks related to the 2013-2015 national action plan for combating trafficking in persons. The government also drafted and began the implementation of the 2016-2018 anti-trafficking action plan.

During 2015, the government provided trafficking-specific training to law enforcement authorities, judges, prosecutors, the police and border guards. In June 2015, the police established provincial interagency anti-trafficking teams in all 16 regions of the country to improve cooperation at the regional level.

Identification of child victims of trafficking remains a challenge, there is still a low rate of final convictions of trafficking perpetrators, most convicted traffickers received suspended sentences and there was no specialised care available for child victims of trafficking.


ECPAT International
Poland – Country Monitoring Report

Year: 2012

ECPAT International
Regional Overview: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Europe

Year: 2014



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