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What is ECPAT doing to ensure Child Safety Online?

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With more and more children engaging in activities on the internet, online platforms have become a vital part of their lives.  It has never been more urgent to ensure that children have safe spaces to learn, socialise, and play online. Disrupting Harm research gathered evidence from 13 countries on the context, threats, and children’s perspectives of online child sexual exploitation and abuse. Through the testimonies of frontline workers and researchers, it exposes the long-lasting impact on the lives of children.

Working to ensure children safely access online spaces: The story so far 

Since 2020, there have been discussions across the European Union about legislating online service providers, such as social media and online messaging companies, to detect, report, and remove child sexual abuse material and any form of child sexual abuse from their online platforms. In May 2022, the European Commission presented a proposal to Prevent and Combat Child Sexual Abuse Online — click here to read our summary.

ECPAT members and other child rights organisations across the European Union are combining efforts to ensure that the European Commission Proposal will pass so that children can be safe from abuse and exploitation online.  

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ECPAT supports the Justice Initiative THE INTERNET IS NOT SAFE FOR KIDS petition

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Child’s rights organisations denounces IMCO’s draft opinion on the EC Child Sexual Abuse Regulation Proposal

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14 organisations dedicated to protecting child safety and rights online launch the Right in Front of Us #ChildSafetyOn campaign

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Open Letter to the European Union — “We must make the Internet a Safe Place for Children”

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ECPAT comments on the European Commission’s Proposal to Combat Child Sexual Abuse in the EU

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14 child rights organisations launch the #ChildSafetyOnlineNow campaign

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ECPAT recommendations to revise the EU Directive on combatting sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children

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ECPAT supports the European Commission’s proposal as a critical step toward better protection of children’s rights

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ECPAT and Defence for Children – ECPAT Natherlands: Public polling in 8 EU Member States

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ECPAT invites you to join our voice by supporting our campaigns and activities as we call on EU policy-makers to protect the right of children to be safe online. 


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