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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active extraterritoriality is provided for all SEC related offences (including habitual residents) under Article Three, Section 15(a) of the Penal Law. Double criminality is required for active extraterritoriality except for some SEC related offences such as exploitation of children in prostitution or trafficking of children for sexual purposes as stated under Section 15(b) of the Penal Law. Passive extraterritoriality is provided for all SEC related offences committed abroad against Israeli citizens or against Jewish people under Sections 14(a) and 13(b)(2) of the Penal Law, respectively. Double criminality is required for passive extraterritoriality under Section 14(b)(1).

Extraditable offences are those punished with at least one year of imprisonment by Israeli law, under Article 2(a) therefore including all SEC related offences under the Penal Law. The extradition of Israeli citizens and residents can only be granted if the purpose of the request for extradition is to put the person on trial and if the requesting state assumes the obligation to return the extradited person to serve his sentence in Israel if found guilty and sentenced to imprisonment, under Section 1A(a) of the Extradition Law.

Penal Law, Extradition Law, 1977, 1954

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