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Association for the Social Support of Youth (ARSIS) is an independent, non-profit organisation, specialising in the social support of youth that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights. The main target is the prevention of youth marginalisation, the elaboration of policies which defend youth rights and the active social support towards disadvantaged young people. It was founded in 1992 and has offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Kozani and Alexandroupoli.

Association for the Social Support of Youth (ARSIS)

Contact: Valbona Hystuna
Phone: (+30) 210 825 9880
Address: 43 Mauromateon street, Athens 10434


In January 2017, Greece ratified the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime which addresses offences committed via the Internet and other computer networks, including crimes related to child sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation material.

In 2015, 34 victims of trafficking for sexual purposes, including four children, were identified by Greek police..


ECPAT International
Greece – Country Overview

Year: 2019




Age of Consent


Age of sexual consent is 15 years with a close-in-age exemption of three years.

ECO Greece, 2019

Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active and passive extraterritoriality is provided for all crimes. Universal jurisdiction is recognized for trafficking crimes. Double criminality is required for all crimes except for trafficking-related offences, as well as some offences related to SECTT, OCSE and exploitation of children in prostitution.

Extradition applies to all SEC-related offences. Double criminality principle applies if there is no bilateral agreement or convention in place. Double criminality does not apply to extradition cases between EU members on the basis of the European Arrest Warrant.

ECO Greece, 2019

CSAM Definition


The national legislation does not provide a definition of CSAM which is in line with international standards.

ECO Greece, 2019

Background Check Required

Not Yet Assessed

National Commitments


Greece has ratified the CRC, the OPSC, the Trafficking Protocol and the ILO Convention No.182.

Greece has also ratified the Council of Europe’s Lanzarote and Budapest Conventions.

Greece has not ratified the OPIC nor the UNWTO Framework Convention on Tourism Ethics

ECO Greece, 2019

Child Advocacy Centers


A Child Advocacy Centre was established by the NGO Smile of the Child in 2014.The government, seeking to replicate this model plans to establish five similar Independent Child Victims Protection Offices called ‘Houses of the Child’. However, these have yet to be created.

ECO Greece, 2019

SEC Police Unit


The general mandate of the Greek Police at the national level includes enforcing laws on the trafficking of children for sexual purposes and other forms of SEC. Beyond this, the main police units including SEC in their mandate is the Unit of Minors Internet Protection and Digital Investigation within the Cyber Crime Division which deals with OCSE related offences. No information has been found on whether this unit is fully functional and whether both offences under national and extra-territorial jurisdiction are able to be addressed by it.

ECO Greece, 2019

Protection Standards Travel and Tourism

Not Yet Assessed

Public SEC Case Data


Data on SEC cases is not publicly available.

ECO Greece, 2019

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