How are poverty and rigid gender stereotypes placing boys in Morocco at risk of sexual exploitation?  Read the full report


ECPAT France began as a campaign in 1992 and was officially registered as an organisation in 1997. Groupe Developpement, the principal member, provides the resources to carry out the activities of the organisation. These activities aim to raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, train key actors, improve French laws and their implementation and support projects for children. Several activities also focus on preventing child sex tourism, and many links have been developed with tourism professionals in this regard.

ECPAT France

Contact: Joaquim Nogueira, Executive Director
Phone: +33 1 49348313
Address: 40 avenue de l’Europe, 93350 Le Bourget Aéroport


UNICEF highlighted the vulnerability of refugee children in France. It denounced, in reports and press releases, the sexual exploitation and trafficking related risks refugee children are exposed to in the camp of Calais.

Early in 2015, the French Government passed two decrees allowing government agencies to command internet providers to block websites that encourage terrorism and publish child sexual abuse materials.

More than 1 in 6 girls and 1 in 18 boys under 18 years old are reported to have been victims of sexual abuse. In more than 50 per cent of the cases, the abuser was a family member of the child.


ECPAT with 41 child’s rights organisations denounces IMCO’s draft opinion on the EC Child Sexual Abuse Regulation Proposal

Year: 2023

Open Letter: European Day on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Year: 2022

ECPAT International
ECPAT Submission: Public consultation on EU Directive 2011/93/EU on combatting sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children

Year: 2022

Defence for Children – ECPAT the Netherlands
Reluctance to Report Sexual Exploitation of Children Related to Travel and Tourism

Year: 2019


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