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The Tartu Child Support Centre was established as an NGO in 1995. It is the first of its kind in Estonia. The multidisciplinary teams that make up the Centre consist of paediatricians, psychotherapists, social workers and counsellors. The Child Support Centre aims to prevent child abuse and domestic violence in Estonia by raising awareness in the commuunity, providing professionals with training and counselling and treating abused children and their family members.

Tartu Child Support Center

Contact: Dr. Malle Roomedli
Phone: +372 74 84666
Address: Tartu Laste Tugikeskus, Kaunase pst. 11-2, Tartu 50704



Estonia is a source, transit and destination country for women and girls trafficked for sexual purposes; Estonian victims are trafficked within the country’s borders and in other European countries.

In 2014, 147 cases of rape were reported in Estonia, of which 92 concerned child victims.

The Estonian Union for Child Welfare provides a free service, Vihejliin, which allows Internet users to report child sexual abuse material online. Reports to Vihejliin can be made anonymously. In 2015, Estonian authorities registered 63 cases of children influenced to take part in the production of child sexual abuse materials, most of the cases featured children sending naked images of themselves.


ECPAT International
ECPAT Submission: Public consultation on EU Directive 2011/93/EU on combatting sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children

Year: 2022

ECPAT International
Estonia – Country Monitoring Report

Year: 2012


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