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World Day of Social Justice

Posted on Feb 20, 2014

In 2007, the UN General Assembly proclaimed February 20 as the World Day of Social Justice. The celebration of this day should support the efforts of the international community to promote freedom, harmony and equality for all. We at ECPAT are supporting this cause by taking, each day, steps towards eradicating the commercial sexual exploitation of children

This day recognises the need to draw attention to issues relating to poverty and social exclusion. The truth is tens of millions of children are living in poverty today. Poverty deprives children of basic necessities and opportunities to develop and thrive. It can also make children more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and violence, including commercial sexual exploitation. Shockingly, there are as many as 1.8 million children exploited in prostitution or pornography worldwide.

All children have the right to live free from this abuse. Learn more about ways you can help: