Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

“The cost of war, the price of conflict—is always paid for, by our children and their futures”

Posted on Feb 25, 2022
ECPAT and our members are calling on all parties to prioritise the protection and safety of children. 


UKRAINE—Armed conflicts cause many disruptions in the life of children, with long terms severe consequences on mental health, education, protection and health. 

With emerging reports estimating that thousands of children have been displaced from their home in Eastern Ukraine, we call on all parties involved to seek diplomatic solutions to this conflict. We owe to our children making much more efforts to find diplomatic solutions and prevent the impact of armed violence on children. 

ECPAT International Secretariat’s Executive Director, Guillaume Landry said:
“There are other ways. Violence is always preventable. Children have a right to live a life free from violence. It is in our hands to uphold our commitment to children now.”

From Kyviv, reports of shelling and terrifying rocket strikes, have now began to spread, as as the military actions continues. We, at ECPAT International Secretariat, urge for peace and an end to the fighting.

“Wars threaten the welfare of children and women, by exposing them to rape and sexual exploitation. We invite every party in this conflict and all the countries that may host refugees to protect their life and welfare.”
Altin Hazizaj, Regional Representative for Eastern Europe and Central Asia on the ECPAT Board

ECPAT network thoughts and solidarity with our members and other organisations on the ground who continue their efforts for protecting children under these extreme circumstances.