Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

In Ukraine, in Yemen, in Syria, in Ethiopia—in conflicts all around the world

Posted on Apr 4, 2022
ECPAT is calling for stronger protection of children affected by war.

Addis Abba—According to statistics released by Save the Children, since November 2020, nearly 2 million people have been displaced as a result of the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. This conflict has invariably spread beyond the country’s borders and has engulfed neighbouring regions- displacing millions across northern Ethiopia and into neighbouring Sudan. 

With projections from the United Nations stating that more than 90% of the 5.5 million Tigrayans are currently in need food aid, this situation is grave and will only get worse.

ECPAT is calling for an end to violence and the protection of vulnerable members of society, such as women and children.  

“Children remain the most vulnerable in times of conflict. In this instance, with so many being displaced for such a long period of time, sexual violence and exploitation is truly an area of concern”
Willy Buloso, Regional Coordinator for Africa

ECPAT International remains focused on ensuring that children are free from exploitation and harm and so we are calling for the government of Ethiopia and neighbouring countries to prioritise the safety and security of children.