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The sexual exploitation of boys in Thailand – join us 28 April for the report launch

Posted on Apr 20, 2021

Join us as we launch our new research on Boys and SOGIE youth driven to sell sex in Thailand!

ECPAT International came together over 30 years ago in Chiang Mai, alerted by growing child sexual exploitation in the context of travel and tourism in Asia. Now, we offer a new spotlight onto an issue that has long been ignored by the world: the sexual exploitation of Boys.

How to join us

Thai language launch – 4pm(UTC+7): sign up on Facebook Live
English language launch – 5pm(UTC+7): sign up on Facebook Live

Our latest work shines a light on boys and SOGIE (meaning diverse sexual orientations, and people with diverse gender identity and gender expression) youth engaged in their own sexual exploitation by selling sex in Thailand. The report reveals knowledge gaps about working with boys amongst frontline welfare service providers, problematic beliefs and attitudes about male and gender diverse children, victim-blaming, and an urgent need to adjust support services to fit boy survivors’ needs.
To capture the vulnerabilities facing boys and young people, we interviewed 20 youth with diverse sexual orientation and gender identity currently exchanging sex, surveyed 65 frontline welfare service providers in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai, and analysed how well Thai legislation addresses these crimes.
The research was carried out in partnership with the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand, Urban Light Foundation ThailandSisters Foundation, CAREMAT, and V-power.
At the launch event, we will be sharing what we learned, and presenting the recommendations made to the Thai government to tackle this issue.
This event is open to the general public, and we particularly welcome the attendance of: people working in child rights, social services and other fields concerned with the wellbeing of children, and particularly boys and SOGIE youth / SOGIE and child rights activists / survivors of child sexual exploitation / youth or family members who are affected / and anyone else who wants to learn more about the issue.