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The 49th Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP) opened with a focus on measures to prevent transnational child sexual exploitation

Posted on Jun 15, 2019

ARLEMP Program is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security and RMIT University. It is a training program sponsored by the Australian Federal Police with the aim of enhancing regional law enforcement forces’ capacity to address non-traditional security threats and transnational crimes. ARLEMP 49 opened on 11th June in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

“As the world becomes more accessible, criminals pursue new opportunities to advance their illicit profits and children are increasingly vulnerable to becoming victims of serious and organised crimes. Child sexual exploitation is the most heinous and harmful manifestation of crimes that transcend national borders. New technologies provide alarming opportunities for child sex offenders to exploit children in the online environment. Easy access to global travel enables offenders to sexually exploit children overseas with perceived anonymity and impunity. Children have also increasingly become commodities who are trafficked across international borders for sexual servitude.”

Recognising the seriousness and prevalence of transnational child sex crimes in Asia, ARLEMP 49 focuses on the two key crime areas within this field: online sexual exploitation of children and the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

ARLEMP 49 includes guest speakers from governments, law enforcement agencies, United Nations partners, academia, the private sector and NGOs, including ECPAT International.


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