Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

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    • Help us ensure that every child can grow up safe, strong and bold.
    • Research is an important tool in our advocacy efforts. We are constantly learning about the issue – how is exploitation evolving, the role of technology, how are governments responding to child protection and safety and so on.
    • Understanding the scale of the problem can help identify even more ways to get involved.
    Speak Up

    If You See Something, Say Something. Report It, Don’t Ignore It !!

    • If you witnessed a crime being committed against a child, your first priority (where possible) should be to contact the local police.
    • If you can’t or won’t report to local law enforcement you can also report suspected child sex offences via our partner website Don’t Look Away.
    • If you believe you have seen a child being sexually abused online, please contact the police or go to the website of our partner organization INHOPE to find out the best avenue for reporting the material to the appropriate national authorities.

    Report Now

    Being a survivor is about learning to cope. I’m a survivor because I’m still here. It is hard to be a survivor. I put so much effort into it and people. You need to have some sort of passion in life. I have a passion to live.

    – Ally, survivor