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Sweden: Status of Action against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Posted on Mar 20, 2013

Although the Swedish economy suffered during the global economic crisis and entered recession at the end of 2008, it bounced back quickly and is one of the strongest economies in Europe. The Swedish Government has been able to maintain its extensive social welfare system that includes many programmes designed for children. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Sweden ranks as one of the highest on the Human Development Index (HDI). In 2011, Sweden ranked ninth out of 177 listed countries on the HDI. However, Sweden's economic status does not prevent the existence of commercial sexual exploitation of children. According to several studies and reports, many children in Sweden are victims of child prostitution, child trafficking and particularly child pornography. According to the Swedish Government, child pornography has increased over the last few years in Sweden. To understand more about the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Sweden, you can read the full report here.