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Towards a Hopeful Horizon: Concluding Remarks from our Executive Director

ECPAT International Annual Report 2022-2023

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As we reflect upon the strides taken by ECPAT International in the past year, it is evident that our mission is not just a goal – it is a collective movement driven by tenacity, innovation, and hope.

From the heart-wrenching tales of resilience captured in ‘Children’s Voices’, the meticulous research that brings change on a global scale, to the relentless dedication of our staff and partners, every facet of our organisation has played a pivotal role in our unwavering stand against child sexual exploitation. 

Our vast network’s expansion across continents, from the Republic of Cabo Verde to New Zealand, signifies not just growth but the strengthening of our global resolve. This is mirrored in our financials, where the support from our donors, both grand and modest, serve as beacons of trust and collective commitment.

Yet, as we proudly chronicle our achievements, we remain acutely aware of the journey ahead.

In a world replete with challenges – from shifting digital landscapes to cultural taboos – the road is neither simple nor short. But it is this very complexity that sharpens our focus and fortifies our determination. For, in the heart of these challenges, lie untapped opportunities – to innovate, collaborate, and drive systemic change. 

To the entire ECPAT International community, let this annual report not just be a testament to our past successes but a rallying call for the future. A future where every child, irrespective of geography or circumstance, is afforded the right to a childhood free from sexual exploitation.

As we step into the subsequent year, let us do so with hope in our hearts, unity in our actions, and an unwavering belief in a brighter, safer horizon for all children. 

Here is to envisioning and creating a world that respects and protects the innocence of its youngest members. Onwards, towards that hopeful horizon.

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“Being a survivor is about learning to cope. I’m a survivor because I’m still here. It is hard to be a survivor. I put so much effort into it and people. You need to have some sort of passion in life. I have a passion to live.”

– Ally, survivor