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Members Spotlight: ECPAT Taiwan

How creativity and online games can help children in Taiwan to tackle child sexual abuse and exploitation

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The Independent Living Project is ensuring that children who have experienced sexual exploitation in Taiwan are able to find more than just their voice. 

Since 2004, ECPAT Taiwan, through the Independent Living Project, has ensured accommodation, career and study support, economic independence training, trauma recovery support, and social participation development for child victims of sexual exploitation. 

“I now know that what happened to me doesn’t define me. I can be creative—I can be anything I want to be”

Cassie, Participant

Cassie’s story 

Cassie (name changed for privacy purposes) lacks confidence. She often questions herself or get nervous when meeting new people. Her childhood was marred by emotional neglect. So, when someone reached out to her online and started grooming her, it shattered her trust in people.  

Through the Independent Living Project, Cassie has chosen to learn how to make coloured-glaze glassware. The technical task of sculpting glass has opened up her world to new possibilities. She is not only able to learn a trade but also develop social skills. Cassie has really taken to this and expresses her unique style and colour during practice. She has created countless amazing glass sculptures. As time has gone by, she has finally gotten used to opening up and trusting people.  

Learn more about the Independent Living Project. 

ECPAT Taiwan and Meta join forces to advance the discussion around child sexual exploitation, harassment and abuse  

In August 2021, ECPAT Taiwan and the online social networking goliath, Meta, joined forces to promote the importance of online safety through the board game Cyber Humans. The idea for the game came from the children who participated in the Child Forum on Digital Citizenship – #PrivacyMatters: 


Players can better understand online issues, including online grooming, online stalking and harassment, sextortion, and internet fraud. Players of the game can learn how to protect themselves in a digital environment. ECPAT Taiwan has received countless positive feedbacks from children, teachers, and NGO members: 

“It is a good way to teach children about online safety through a board game. Through this game, children can understand the risks and be more alert in the online world; they now know how to protect themselves and not harm others.”  


About ECPAT Taiwan 

Since 1994, ECPAT Taiwan works to prevent child sexual exploitation and trafficking, as well as championing child rights and online safety by reporting child sexual abuse material online, providing support to sexually exploited children, increasing youth participation and the general promotion of child welfare. Main activities include the promotion of policy and legal reforms, social education, rehabilitation programs and promoting the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, in the hope of raising awareness about the issue. 

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