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Is child protection a priority for travellers?

Results from a poll with the German public to understand attitudes towards child protection in the travel and tourism industry

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We recently conducted a poll across Germany to understand consumer travel trends and attitudes towards sustainable tourism in the context of child protection. This is what we found:

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM is defined by the UN World Tourism Organization as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.”

More than 60% of German adults have travelled abroad for business or holidays in the past 5 years.

Despite the pandemic, overseas travel appears to be a popular activity, with many German adults travelling to multiple destinations.

With travel restrictions easing and more countries opening up for international visitors, we need to make destinations safe for children.

Young travellers are becoming more aware of human rights and child protection issues.

While majority of German adults we surveyed based their travel decisions on the overall quality of the destination itself, almost 20% of young audiences aged between 18-34 years old took child protection and human rights standards in a country into consideration.

German adults understand that sustainable tourism calls for the protection of children from sexual exploitation, abuse, and child labour.

While nearly two thirds of all German adults consider ‘environmental protection’ as the defining characteristic of ‘sustainable and responsible tourism’, almost half of the adults consider child protection from sexual exploitation as an equal co-principle of sustainability.

German adults believe that travel companies should be legally obliged to reduce the risk of child sexual exploitation when conducting their business.

1 in 3 adults believe that travel companies have a responsibility to conduct their businesses ethically by actively taking steps to protect children from sexual exploitation.

According to the German public, child protection should be at the forefront of government policies concerning the travel and tourism industry.

In addition to implementing environmental initiatives, half of the German adults surveyed ranked protecting children from sexual exploitation as a top priority.

20% of German respondents also think that all German travel companies should have a legal duty to train tourism professionals to report suspected child sexual exploitation and abuse cases.

The message from the German public is clear:

They want more action to be taken by governments and business to protect children from exploitation and abuse.

Whether you’re a business or individual traveller, we all have a responsibility to protect children.

Find out how you can take action by reporting suspicious activity or contacting a child protection hotline.