Public Opinion is Clear: Urgent Legislation Required to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation! Read the story

Global Study on Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism – Youth Friendly Version

by ECPAT International in 2016

Have you ever taken a flight? Boarded a ship? Travelled by train or bus to another city? If you have, then you’re one of the millions of people who criss-cross our skies, sail our waters, and zip back and forth on our roads each day. And it’s no wonder. In our increasingly interconnected world, travel is cheaper than ever, countries are competing with each other to attract tourism dollars, and with the widespread use of the Internet, even some of the most distant places on our planet are now within reach!

No doubt, travel and tourism has become both accessible and affordable for many. But with huge numbers of people on the move and taking advantage of the world getting smaller, there is a bigger risk that some – at least – will take the opportunity to sexually exploit vulnerable children on their travels.

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