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Report Child Exploitation

The single most important thing you can do to protect children from sexual exploitation is to report any suspected case.

If you have witnessed a crime being committed against a child, your first priority (where possible) should be to contact the local police.

Do you believe that a child is being abused, exploited or endangered?

This page, compiled by our partner organization Child Helpline International, can help you find the contact details of the child helpline service in your country, where you will be able to confidentially seek further assistance.

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For travellers and tourists

If you are a tourist and you see something suspicious, report it to the local police. Don’t delay, police may need to act quickly to rescue the child or catch the suspect. Provide as much information as possible. Note key details, such as:

    • Anything you can say about the victim or suspect’s identity. This includes physical descriptions, such as clothing, hair colour, facial features, weight, height, distinguishing features, tattoos and ages;
    • Anything else that might help identify those involved, such as license plate numbers, vehicle make/type/colour (take a picture if it is safe to do so), accents, languages used etc.
    • Location details, such as the name of restaurants and street names (you can geotag it on your phone);
    • Details of other witnesses;
    • If you are worried about your own security or safety; and
    • The exact time of the day or night.

If you can’t or won’t report to local law enforcement you can also report suspected child sex offences via our partner website Don’t Look Away.

Seen something online?

If you believe you have seen children being sexually abused online, please contact the police. You can also go to the website of our partner organization INHOPE to find out the best avenue for reporting the material to the appropriate national authorities. Please do not send child sexual abuse material to any organization unless specifically asked to do so for law enforcement purposes. The unsolicited sending of child sexual abuse images could re-victimize the children featured by increasing the reach of the material’s audience – plus it may be illegal to receive, store or send such material in some cases.

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