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Meet the new Executive Director of ECPAT International, Guillaume Landry 

Posted on Oct 20, 2021

New leadership for a new chapter in ECPAT’s strategic future 

BANGKOK—The ECPAT International Secretariat team are happy to announce the appointment of a new Executive Director, Mr. Guillaume Landry.  

With over two decades of professional experience in the field of organizational development, interagency collaboration, and multidisciplinary research in child protection and children’s rights, Mr. Landry takes the helm the start of a bold, new chapter for ECPAT International, its members, and stakeholders. 

Mr. Landry will begin his appointment in November, after stepping down from the post of Director General for the International Bureau for Children’s Rights. His background in child protection and child rights has seen him lead the implementation of programs in over 70 countries. Mr Landry has also supervised, coordinated, and authored more than 50 reports analysing the status of children’s rights worldwide, while he has built relationships in his collaboration with experts and stakeholders in local, regional, and international contexts. Guillaume’s connection with ECPAT is not new, as he previously worked as a Regional Assistant for the Americas and the MENA region at the start of his professional career. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that children all over the world are protected.  

“I started my career 19 years ago as a junior researcher at ECPAT in Ratchathewi, Bangkok so I am excited to see this come full circle. We now enter a new, hopeful era to advance our efforts to end the sexual exploitation of children”.

Mr. Landry succeeds the joint interim partnership of Executive Director, held by Thomas Muller and Dr. Dorothea Czarnecki.  

Together, and with all of our partners, we know we will continue to achieve effective global action to end child sexual exploitation.

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