How are poverty and rigid gender stereotypes placing boys in Morocco at risk of sexual exploitation?  Read the full report

International Day of Non-Violence

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

The UN International Day of Non-Violence, held annually on October 2nd to coincide with Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, is a global observance that promotes non-violence through education and public awareness.

The most intolerable forms of violence are the ones perpetrated against children. Millions of children and young people suffer unspeakable abuse each year in the form of sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, despite state commitments to address and prevent violence against children, children are still being exploited through pornography, prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes every day.

Every child has the right to live without the risk of sexual violence and exploitation. It is essential that all actors of society work together to prevent these horrific crimes. Find out how you can help stop the commercial sexual exploitation of children here.

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