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ECPAT International’s Latest Journal: Unseen Vulnerabilities

Posted on Oct 11, 2013

This ECPAT Journal Series No. 8 highlights the often hidden or unseen link between child labour and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). The covert nature of this link stems from multiple factors including the employment of children in the private sector – such as domestic labour – where they are hidden physically from view, as well as the lack of protection and services for children  living and working on the streets who are extremely vulnerable to CSEC. The following articles are included in this Journal: From Domestic Labour to Commercial Sexual Exploitation: The Hidden Risk for Child Workers; Child Labour and Vulnerability to CSEC: Investigating Work and Gender Structures; and Visible yet Unseen: The Vulnerability of Street Children to Sexual Exploitation.

This Journal examines the factors that make children vulnerable to child labour and CSEC, including the lack of social protection systems, in order to help prevent this troubling phenomenon.

Read ECPAT's Journal Series No. 8 here.