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“Don’t Look Away!” during the World Cup

Posted on Jun 11, 2014

With the World Cup starting today, the ECPAT Network would like to remind tourists to respect the rights of children during this festive event. More than 60 million children are living in Brazil and it is estimated that up to 500 000 are involved in prostitution.

Over the last few months, the “Don’t Look Away” campaign, involving 15 countries, has been raising awareness about child sex tourism, aiming to reduce the risk of child sexual exploitation during the World Cup. The increase in the number of tourists in the 12 host cities for the World Cup could result in a proportional increase in the number of child sex offenders.  

With the support of the football player Kaká and others, ECPAT reminds potential tourists that they can report a potential case of child sexual abuse by calling 100, the national number in Brazil. In 2013, this hotline received more than 35 000 calls about sexual violence against children. The website is also available to report cases to national police forces from various European countries.  

In order to fight against the sexual exploitation of children in tourism, Brazil has adopted specific legal provisions under which anyone, including foreign nationals, accused of sexually abusing children on Brazilian territory, can be prosecuted and convicted in Brazil. Alleged travelling child sex offenders who escape prosecution in Brazil, can be arrested, prosecuted and convicted in their home country/country of residence for the crimes committed in Brazil, based on the implementation of extraterritorial legislation. Remember, don’t look away and help us to protect children!  Please check out this campaign video featuring Kaká. 

Conducted by the ECPAT European network with the support of the European Union, the Social Service for Industry of Brazil (SESI) and the Brazilian government, this awareness campaign brings a multi-sectoral approach combining support from public institutions, NGOs, the tourism industry and sport representatives in the fight against sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism.

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