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The All-Ukrainian Network against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children became an ECPAT member group in 2004. The Network comprises 20 member organisations from the government, non-governmental and private sectors and one individual member. The work of the Network covers the prevention of CSEC and child trafficking as well as the protection, rehabilitation and reintegration of child victims of CSEC.

All-Ukrainian Network against CSEC

Contact: Tatiana Semikop
Phone: +380 48 7772517
Address: Odessa, 65011, Uspenskaya Str. 53


Ukrainian law regarding child trafficking is improving gradually in order to be in line with international standards; notably, the establishment of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights.

Children in Ukraine engage in the worst forms of child labour, including in dangerous activities in agriculture, prostitution and pornography.

Large-scale exploitation of children in prostitution and trafficking in children, both cross-border and internally, are a serious problem in Ukraine. The majority of children who are trafficked are between 13 and 17 years of age. Girls are more likely to be sexually exploited, whereas boys are reported to be used for labour in illegally operated mines, in construction and agriculture, or the illegal drug trade.


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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active and passive extraterritoriality is recognized for all SEC related offences in the Ukrainian Criminal Code under articles 7 and 8 of the Criminal Code. Active extraterritoriality includes both crimes committed abroad by Ukrainian citizens as well as stateless persons residing in Ukraine. Double criminality is not required for extraterritorial jurisdiction under articles 7 and 8 of the Criminal Code.

There is no information on whether SEC related offences are extraditable offences. Double criminality is an obligatory requirement for extradition under article 589(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Ukrainian Criminal Code, Ukrainian Criminal Procedure Code, 2001 (status as of 2017), 2012 (status as of 2015)

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