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Papua New Guinea


Equal Playing Field

Equal Playing Field is a human and community development organisation. We believe all humans have the right to safety from violence and the opportunity to thrive in a happy, healthy life. We deliver a whole-of-community approach to violence prevention. We deliver school-based Respectful Relationship Education, empower and educate teams of youth facilitators and build the capacity of schools and communities to address gender inequality, family violence and child abuse.

Equal Playing Field

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ECPAT International
Perceptions of Frontline Welfare Workers on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in the Pacific

Year: 2019

National Child Protection Systems in the East Asia & Pacific Region

Year: 2014



Age of Consent

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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Extraterritorial jurisdiction is recognised for all offences under the Criminal Code committed partially abroad, if the offender, whatever its nationality, comes into the territory pf Papua New Guinea afterwards (Section 12 of the Criminal Code). In these cases double criminality is not required. No form of active or passive extraterritoriality is provided.

SEC related offences can be considered extraditable if punished in both the requesting State and Papua New Guinea with at least one year of imprisonment, or otherwise if agreed as extraditable in an extradition treaty between the requesting State and Papua New Guinea. Double criminality is therefore required for extradition.

Criminal Code of Papua New Guinea,Extradition Act, 1974 (status as of 2002), 1975

CSAM Definition

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Child Advocacy Centers

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SEC Police Unit

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Protection Standards Travel and Tourism

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