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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


The Criminal Code provides active and passive extraterritoriality over certain SEC related offenses committed outside the Liechtenstein territory, if the offender is a citizen or an habitual resident of Liechtenstein or the victim is a citizen or an habitual resident of Liechtenstein. Double criminality is not required for proceeding with extraterritorial jurisdiction for those listed SEC related offences. SEC related offences committed abroad can also be prosecuted if the perpetrator is a foreign national who is in Liechtenstein and cannot be extradited. Liechtensteiner legislation also provides for a combination of active and passive extraterritorial jurisdiction over any offences that a Liechtenstein citizen commits against another Liechtenstein citizen, if both have their place of residence in Liechtenstein. Universal jurisdiction applies to a number of crimes such as treason and offences committed against institutions and officials, among others (Article 64 (1) and (3) of the Criminal Code), but SEC related offences are not included.

Liechtenstein can extradite Liechtensteiner nationals and extraditable offences are those sanctioned, under the law of the requesting State and under Liechtenstein law, with imprisonment of more than one year (double criminality). Extradition for the purposes of execution of a judgment of conviction is permitted if the sentence of imprisonment is at least of four months of imprisonment. There is no specific provision on the extradition of SEC related offences and some SEC related offences could be not considered as extraditable offences as they are punished with less than one year of imprisonment.

Criminal Code, Law on International Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, Constitution, 1987 (status as of 2017), 2000 (status as of 2021) ,1921 (status as of 2021)

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