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Le Monde Des Enfants (MDE) has been working in Guinea since 2002 and specialises on the protection of children. The organisation was formed by Guinean employees who worked as programme staff for the French programme “Enfants Réfugiés du Monde”, for children displaced by war, violence and exile.

The two organisations worked closely together until MDE was granted full organisational rights in 2005. The vision of the organisation is for all children and young people to live with adequate social care and have access to education.

Le Monde Des Enfants (MDE)

Contact: Mr. Tamba Joseph Tolno
Phone: +224 622 779506



ECPAT International
Overview of research findings: Sexual exploitation of children in the context of travel and transport in Burkina Faso, Côte D’ivoire, Guinea and Niger

Year: 2023



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Extraterritoriality & Extradition


Active extraterritoriality is provided over crimes committed outside Guinea by Guineans or residents, provided that they are punishable by the law of the place of their commission and under Guinean law. Active extraterritoriality applies to Guinean nationals who commit some crimes of international nature outside Guinea such as human trafficking, not requiring double criminality. Passive extraterritoriality is provided for “crimes” and “délits” punishable by imprisonment committed outside Guinea if the victim is Guinean at the time of the commission and certain conditions are fulfilled, which limits the scope of application.

Extraditable offences are those punishable under Guinean law and punishable by criminal penalties by the law of the requesting State; acts punishable by correctional penalties under the law of the requesting State, when the maximum penalty of imprisonment under the law is 2 or more years, or, for a convicted person, when the sentence pronounced by the jurisdiction of the requesting State is 2 or more months’ imprisonment. Even though there is no specific provision on the extradition of SEC related offences, SEC offences defined in the Criminal Code are extraditable as they are punished with more than 2 years.

Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, 2016, 2016

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Protection Standards Travel and Tourism

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