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ChildSafe Movement Launched in Bali with the Support of Buffalo Tours

Posted on Feb 5, 2018

Friends International have announced the launch of the ChildSafe Movement in Bali, with the support of Buffalo Tours they will together raise awareness of child protection among all tourism stakeholders.

The ChildSafe Movement is an award-winning global movement protecting children from all forms of abuse, and it was launched in Bali with the support of travel organization Buffalo Tours Indonesia. Together they seek to improve child protection and sustainable tourism on the “Island of the Gods”.

ChildSafe activities will include international media and grassroots campaigning, educating tourists, as well as training and certifying businesses. The result is a unique local and international network empowered to stand up against the exploitation of vulnerable children in the tourism industry.

ChildSafe’s Traveller Tips and campaigns provide practical advice to tourists on better ways to help protect children. Large-scale awareness-raising campaigns and initiatives increase the global response to child rights violations and further protect children from harm. These campaigns, including “Children Are Not Tourist Attractions,” aimed at addressing the alarming growth of orphanage and school tourism, have already reached millions of individuals across the world and are supported and promoted by UNICEF and the United Nations World Tourism Organization.