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Association Keoogo from Burkina Faso joins the ECPAT International network as its 124th member.

Posted on Apr 24, 2023
Association Keoogo from Burkina Faso joins the ECPAT International network as its 124th member. 

—ECPAT International is pleased to announce the inclusion of Association Keoogo, a child protection organisation based in Ouagadougou, to the ECPAT International network. 

Association Keoogo was established in 2004 to provide essential medical and physiological care to children living in street situations in Burkina Faso. Additionally, the organisation provides training on rights and societal integration to women and other vulnerable groups. 

ECPAT’s Executive Director, Guillaume Landry, remarked, “ECPAT is delighted to collaborate with Association Keoogo, a prominent child rights organisation in Burkina Faso that has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to promoting and defending children’s rights, particularly in meaningfully engaging with children in the fight against sexual exploitation and violence. We look forward to drawing from their wealth of experience to strengthen the fight against child sexual exploitation in West Africa. 

In recent years, the organisation has developed child-friendly toolkits to teach children about sexual exploitation, provided holistic care for more than 2000 child victims, and set up a working network to address child sexual exploitation in Burkina Faso. 

Cheick Ouattara, Head of Programs at Association Keoogo, emphasised the importance of addressing the vulnerabilities of children in street situations: 

“Children living in street situations are beset with physical, psychological, and moral challenges. They are often left to fend for themselves, without support from family or community members. Our works is centred around providing children with support, comfort, a place in society, and the dignity they deserve.” 

ECPAT International currently comprises 124 ECPAT members in 103 countries across all regions. The strength of the organisation lies in the diversity of our membership, from large national coalitions to small grass-roots initiatives. ECPAT is dedicated to bringing together a broad range of expertise and perspectives to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. 

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