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9th ECPAT International Assembly Highlights Collective Efforts to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Posted on Apr 4, 2023

Global Members Convene to Reaffirm Vision and Plan Collective Action

30 MARCH 2023,

ONLINE: The 9th ECPAT International Assembly convened virtually with the participation of 124 members from 103 countries, experts, and partners worldwide. The gathering aimed to reassess the progress made and collectively strategise future action to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Guillaume Landry, Executive Director of the ECPAT International Secretariat, stated, “Moments like these are vital for an international network to discuss the future and gain inspiration for the way forward.” 

The assembly highlighted exciting initiatives from members in Mexico, Indonesia, and Ethiopia and discussed governance examination for suitability. Landry added, “I am delighted about the global presence of so many members over the three-hour assembly and look forward to renewing these meetings more frequently in the future.” 

Dr. Mark Capaldi moderated the internal consultative planning and decision-making process, discussing the Strategic Framework, new members, and new initiatives intended to guide the ECPAT Network’s collective work towards ending the sexual exploitation of children.

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