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1st Destination Mekong Summit to discuss child protection

Posted on Jul 25, 2020

1st Destination Mekong Summit to discuss child protection measures

Chapter 9 – The Sustainability

Sustainability is something that needs to be part of the tourism recovery strategies, and it is an opportunity for many destinations to re-evaluate their strategies. NGOs discussed the opportunity to restart tourism in a sustainable and responsible way, as well as the challenges in actually executing such a vision. How can restarting tourism integrate local communities and keep child protection in focus, as well as protect wildlife and conserve the environment by focusing on climate change and single-use plastic pollution.

General Manager of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Mr Roi Ariel, gave some key action steps for businesses to focus on plastic pollution, climate change, child protection, and wildlife conservation, by drawing insights and recommendations from ECPAT International and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The link to 6-hour full recording from the summit, click here.

ECPAT calls upon the industry to include child protection as an equal co-principle along cultural, environmental and other socio-economic issues as part of sustainable and responsible development.